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RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf.c File Reference
#include "RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf.h"
#include "RTOp_obj_null_vtbl.h"
#include "RTOp_obj_value_index_vtbl.h"
#include "check_nan_inf.h"
#include "RTOp_get_reduct_op.hpp"
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static int RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf_apply_op (const struct RTOp_RTOp_vtbl_t *vtbl, const void *obj_data, const int num_vecs, const struct RTOp_SubVector vecs[], const int num_targ_vecs, const struct RTOp_MutableSubVector targ_vecs[], RTOp_ReductTarget targ_obj)
static int reduce_reduct_objs (const struct RTOp_RTOp_vtbl_t *vtbl, const void *obj_data, RTOp_ReductTarget in_reduct_obj, RTOp_ReductTarget inout_reduct_obj)
 INSERT_GET_REDUCT_OP_FUNCS (1, 1, 0, RTOp_value_index_type, reduce_reduct_objs, RTOp_obj_value_index_vtbl.load_state, RTOp_obj_value_index_vtbl.extract_state, external_reduct_op, get_reduct_op) const struct RTOp_RTOp_vtbl_t RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf_vtbl
int RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf_construct (struct RTOp_RTOp *op)
int RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf_destroy (struct RTOp_RTOp *op)
RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf_val (RTOp_ReductTarget targ_obj)

Function Documentation

static int RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf_apply_op ( const struct RTOp_RTOp_vtbl_t vtbl,
const void *  obj_data,
const int  num_vecs,
const struct RTOp_SubVector  vecs[],
const int  num_targ_vecs,
const struct RTOp_MutableSubVector  targ_vecs[],
RTOp_ReductTarget  targ_obj 
) [static]

Definition at line 52 of file RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf.c.

static int reduce_reduct_objs ( const struct RTOp_RTOp_vtbl_t vtbl,
const void *  obj_data,
RTOp_ReductTarget  in_reduct_obj,
RTOp_ReductTarget  inout_reduct_obj 
) [static]

Definition at line 104 of file RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf.c.

RTOp_value_index_type  ,
reduce_reduct_objs  ,
RTOp_obj_value_index_vtbl.  load_state,
RTOp_obj_value_index_vtbl.  extract_state,
external_reduct_op  ,
) const
int RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf_construct ( struct RTOp_RTOp op)

Definition at line 139 of file RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf.c.

int RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf_destroy ( struct RTOp_RTOp op)

Definition at line 146 of file RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf.c.

struct RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf_reduct_obj_t RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf_val ( RTOp_ReductTarget  targ_obj) [read]

Extract the number offending element.

If return.i == 0 then no element was found to be NaN or Inf.

Definition at line 154 of file RTOp_ROp_find_nan_inf.c.

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