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RTOp_SparseSubVector.c File Reference
#include "RTOp_SparseSubVector.h"
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void RTOp_sparse_sub_vector (RTOp_index_type global_offset, RTOp_index_type sub_dim, RTOp_index_type sub_nz, const RTOp_value_type values[], ptrdiff_t values_stride, const RTOp_index_type indices[], ptrdiff_t indices_stride, ptrdiff_t local_offset, int is_sorted, struct RTOp_SparseSubVector *sub_vec)
void RTOp_sparse_sub_vector_null (struct RTOp_SparseSubVector *sub_vec)
void RTOp_sparse_sub_vector_from_dense (const struct RTOp_SubVector *sub_vec, struct RTOp_SparseSubVector *spc_sub_vec)

Function Documentation

void RTOp_sparse_sub_vector ( RTOp_index_type  global_offset,
RTOp_index_type  sub_dim,
RTOp_index_type  sub_nz,
const RTOp_value_type  values[],
ptrdiff_t  values_stride,
const RTOp_index_type  indices[],
ptrdiff_t  indices_stride,
ptrdiff_t  local_offset,
int  is_sorted,
struct RTOp_SparseSubVector sub_vec 

Set the members for sparse sub-vector.

Definition at line 46 of file RTOp_SparseSubVector.c.

void RTOp_sparse_sub_vector_null ( struct RTOp_SparseSubVector sub_vec)

Initialize a sub-vector argument to null.

Definition at line 74 of file RTOp_SparseSubVector.c.

void RTOp_sparse_sub_vector_from_dense ( const struct RTOp_SubVector sub_vec,
struct RTOp_SparseSubVector spc_sub_vec 

Copy the elements from a RTOp_SubVector to a RTOp_SparseSubVector.

Definition at line 87 of file RTOp_SparseSubVector.c.

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