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AbstractLinAlgPack::MatrixBase Class Reference

Base class for all polymorphic matrices. More...

#include <AbstractLinAlgPack_MatrixBase.hpp>

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class  IncompatibleMatrices
 Thrown if matrices are incompatible. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual ~MatrixBase ()
 Virtual destructor.

Vector spaces for the columns and rows of the matrix

virtual const VectorSpacespace_cols () const =0
 Vector space for vectors that are compatible with the columns of the matrix.
virtual const VectorSpacespace_rows () const =0
 Vector space for vectors that are compatible with the rows of the matrix.


virtual size_type rows () const
 Return the number of rows in the matrix.
virtual size_type cols () const
 Return the number of columns in the matrix.
virtual size_type nz () const
 Return the number of nonzero elements in the matrix.

Detailed Description

Base class for all polymorphic matrices.

Definition at line 53 of file AbstractLinAlgPack_MatrixBase.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual AbstractLinAlgPack::MatrixBase::~MatrixBase ( ) [inline, virtual]

Virtual destructor.

Definition at line 61 of file AbstractLinAlgPack_MatrixBase.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const VectorSpace& AbstractLinAlgPack::MatrixBase::space_cols ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual const VectorSpace& AbstractLinAlgPack::MatrixBase::space_rows ( ) const [pure virtual]
size_type AbstractLinAlgPack::MatrixBase::rows ( ) const [virtual]
size_type AbstractLinAlgPack::MatrixBase::cols ( ) const [virtual]
size_type AbstractLinAlgPack::MatrixBase::nz ( ) const [virtual]

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