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LOCA::MultiContinuation::NaturalGroup Class Reference

Specialization of LOCA::MultiContinuation::ExtendedGroup to natural continuation. More...

#include <LOCA_MultiContinuation_NaturalGroup.H>

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Public Member Functions

 NaturalGroup (const Teuchos::RCP< LOCA::GlobalData > &global_data, const Teuchos::RCP< LOCA::Parameter::SublistParser > &topParams, const Teuchos::RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > &continuationParams, const Teuchos::RCP< LOCA::MultiContinuation::AbstractGroup > &grp, const Teuchos::RCP< LOCA::MultiPredictor::AbstractStrategy > &pred, const vector< int > &paramIDs)
 NaturalGroup (const NaturalGroup &source, NOX::CopyType type=NOX::DeepCopy)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~NaturalGroup ()
Implementation of NOX::Abstract::Group virtual methods
virtual NOX::Abstract::Groupoperator= (const NOX::Abstract::Group &source)
 Assignment operator.
virtual Teuchos::RCP
< NOX::Abstract::Group
clone (NOX::CopyType type=NOX::DeepCopy) const
 Clone function.
Implementation of LOCA::MultiContinuation::AbstractStrategy virtual methods
virtual void copy (const NOX::Abstract::Group &source)

Detailed Description

Specialization of LOCA::MultiContinuation::ExtendedGroup to natural continuation.

Natural continuation corresponds to a continuation equation $g(x,p,x_0,p_0,x^\ast,p^\ast,v,\Delta s)=0$ with $g$ given by

\[ g(x,p,x_0,p_0,x^\ast,p^\ast,v,\Delta s)= p-p_0-v_p \Delta s \]

where $v_p$ is the parameter component of the predictor direction $v$. This corresponds geometrically to constraining the nonlinear solver steps used in calculating $F(x,p)=0$ to be orthogonal to the parameter axis. The natural constraint $g$ is represented by a LOCA::MultiContinuation::NaturalConstraint object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LOCA::MultiContinuation::NaturalGroup::NaturalGroup ( const Teuchos::RCP< LOCA::GlobalData > &  global_data,
const Teuchos::RCP< LOCA::Parameter::SublistParser > &  topParams,
const Teuchos::RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > &  continuationParams,
const Teuchos::RCP< LOCA::MultiContinuation::AbstractGroup > &  grp,
const Teuchos::RCP< LOCA::MultiPredictor::AbstractStrategy > &  pred,
const vector< int > &  paramIDs 


global_data[in] Global data object
topParams[in] Parsed top-level parameter list.
continuationParams[in] Continuation parameters.
grp[in] Group representing $F$.
pred[in] Predictor strategy.
paramIDs[in] Parameter IDs of continuation parameters.

References Teuchos::RCP< T >::get(), LOCA::MultiContinuation::ExtendedGroup::globalData, Teuchos::rcp(), and LOCA::MultiContinuation::ExtendedGroup::setConstraints().

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