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NOX::Multiphysics::Solver::Generic Class Reference

Abstract nonlinear solver method interface. More...

#include <NOX_Multiphysics_Solver_Generic.H>

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Public Member Functions

 Generic ()
 Constructor (does nothing)
virtual ~Generic ()
 Destructor (does nothing)
virtual bool reset (const Teuchos::RCP< vector< Teuchos::RCP< NOX::Solver::Generic > > > &solvers, const Teuchos::RCP< NOX::Multiphysics::DataExchange::Interface > &interface, const Teuchos::RCP< NOX::StatusTest::Generic > &tests, const Teuchos::RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > &params)=0
 Reset the nonlinear solver for a new solve.
virtual void reset (const NOX::Abstract::Vector &initialGuess)=0
 reset methods inherited from NOX::Solver::Generic and needed here to avoid hiding this overloaded virtual method
virtual void reset (const NOX::Abstract::Vector &initialGuess, const Teuchos::RCP< NOX::StatusTest::Generic > &tests)=0
 Resets the solver, sets a new status test, and sets a new initial guess.

Detailed Description

Abstract nonlinear solver method interface.

Defines the type of access methods into the iterative nonlinear solvers.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool NOX::Multiphysics::Solver::Generic::reset ( const Teuchos::RCP< vector< Teuchos::RCP< NOX::Solver::Generic > > > &  solvers,
const Teuchos::RCP< NOX::Multiphysics::DataExchange::Interface > &  interface,
const Teuchos::RCP< NOX::StatusTest::Generic > &  tests,
const Teuchos::RCP< Teuchos::ParameterList > &  params 
) [pure virtual]

Reset the nonlinear solver for a new solve.

testsStatus tests to check for convergence or failure. These tests will be modified by the solver.
paramsList of parameters. These parameters will be modified by the solver.
All the objects passed to reset() will be modified.
The group object will be cloned via NOX::Abstract::Group::clone(), and the vectors within will also be individually cloned via NOX::Abstract::Vector::clone().
If the contents of grp, tests, or params are modified by the calling program after calling reset(), then the behavior of iterate() and solve() are completely undefined. To remedy this, call reset() again with the modified objects.

Implemented in NOX::Multiphysics::Solver::FixedPointBased.

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