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Partition.hpp File Reference

For partitioning of mesh entities over a processing grid. More...

#include <stdexcept>
#include <vector>
#include <utility>
#include <stk_mesh/base/Entity.hpp>
#include <stk_mesh/base/Field.hpp>
#include <stk_mesh/base/Types.hpp>
#include <stk_mesh/fem/CoordinateSystems.hpp>
#include <stk_mesh/fem/TopologyDimensions.hpp>
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class  stk::rebalance::Partition
 Initialized with a list of mesh entities unique to each processor. More...


namespace  stk

Sierra Toolkit.

namespace  stk::rebalance


typedef mesh::Field< double,
mesh::Cartesian > 
typedef mesh::Field< double > stk::rebalance::ScalarField

Detailed Description

For partitioning of mesh entities over a processing grid.

This file defines a single class, Partition. This class describes how a set of mesh entities is distributed over a processing grid. The class contains a list of mesh entities and owning processors. The class is initialized when each processor inserts it's list of mesh entities. During initialization it is assumed that the current processor is the owning processor so the owning processor list is initialized to the current processor number at that time.

A different distribution is defined by changing the owning processor of an entity.

The Partition class does not provide advanced communication routines to transfer entities to the new owning processor. The Partition class simply keeps track of the owning processor information.

If the mesh entities are redistributed by another class, then the information contained in the Partition class will be out of date and should be cleared and re-initialized.

Definition in file Partition.hpp.

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