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eastl::const_mem_fun1_t< Result, T, Argument > Class Template Reference

#include <functional_eastl.h>

Inherits eastl::binary_function< Argument1, Argument2, Result >.

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Public Types

typedef Result(T::* MemberFunction )(Argument) const

Public Member Functions

EA_FORCE_INLINE const_mem_fun1_t (MemberFunction pMemberFunction)
EA_FORCE_INLINE Result operator() (const T *pT, Argument arg) const

Protected Attributes

MemberFunction mpMemberFunction

Detailed Description

template<typename Result, typename T, typename Argument>
class eastl::const_mem_fun1_t< Result, T, Argument >


Const member function with one argument. Note that we inherit from unary_function<const T*, Result> instead of what the C++ standard specifies: unary_function<T*, Result>. The C++ standard is in error and this has been recognized by the defect group.

Definition at line 562 of file functional_eastl.h.

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