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eastl::reverse_iterator< Iterator > Class Template Reference

#include <iterator_eastl.h>

Inherits eastl::iterator< Category, T, Distance, Pointer, Reference >.

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Public Types

typedef Iterator iterator_type
typedef eastl::iterator_traits
< Iterator >::pointer 
typedef eastl::iterator_traits
< Iterator >::reference 
typedef eastl::iterator_traits
< Iterator >::difference_type 

Public Member Functions

 reverse_iterator (iterator_type i)
 reverse_iterator (const reverse_iterator &ri)
template<typename U >
 reverse_iterator (const reverse_iterator< U > &ri)
template<typename U >
reverse_iterator< Iterator > & operator= (const reverse_iterator< U > &ri)
iterator_type base () const
reference operator* () const
pointer operator-> () const
reverse_iteratoroperator++ ()
reverse_iterator operator++ (int)
reverse_iteratoroperator-- ()
reverse_iterator operator-- (int)
reverse_iterator operator+ (difference_type n) const
reverse_iteratoroperator+= (difference_type n)
reverse_iterator operator- (difference_type n) const
reverse_iteratoroperator-= (difference_type n)
reference operator[] (difference_type n) const

Protected Attributes

Iterator mIterator

Detailed Description

template<typename Iterator>
class eastl::reverse_iterator< Iterator >


From the C++ standard: Bidirectional and random access iterators have corresponding reverse iterator adaptors that iterate through the data structure in the opposite direction. They have the same signatures as the corresponding iterators. The fundamental relation between a reverse iterator and its corresponding iterator i is established by the identity: &*(reverse_iterator(i)) == &*(i - 1). This mapping is dictated by the fact that while there is always a pointer past the end of an array, there might not be a valid pointer before the beginning of an array.

Definition at line 180 of file iterator_eastl.h.

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