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stk::io::util::IO_Fixture Class Reference

#include <IO_Fixture.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef stk::mesh::Field
< double, stk::mesh::Cartesian

Public Member Functions

 IO_Fixture (stk::ParallelMachine comm)
void create_output_mesh (const std::string &base_exodus_filename, bool add_transient=true, bool add_all_fields=false)
void add_timestep_to_output_mesh (double time)
void set_meta_data (Teuchos::RCP< stk::mesh::fem::FEMMetaData > arg_meta_data)
void set_bulk_data (Teuchos::RCP< stk::mesh::BulkData > arg_bulk_data)
void set_input_ioss_region (Teuchos::RCP< Ioss::Region > input_region)
void initialize_meta_data (const std::string &base_filename, const std::string &type="exodusii")
void initialize_bulk_data ()
stk::mesh::fem::FEMMetaDatameta_data ()
stk::mesh::BulkDatabulk_data ()
coord_field_typeget_coordinate_field ()
Teuchos::RCP< Ioss::Region > input_ioss_region ()
Teuchos::RCP< Ioss::Region > output_ioss_region ()

Detailed Description

This purpose of this class is to provide a simple interface for reading/writing an exodus file to/from a "fixture" (a MetaData and BulkData)

Definition at line 28 of file IO_Fixture.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void stk::io::util::IO_Fixture::create_output_mesh ( const std::string &  base_exodus_filename,
bool  add_transient = true,
bool  add_all_fields = false 

Use the mesh defined by the initialized meta and bulk data to create an exodus database. After this has been called, calls to add_timestep_to_output_mesh can be made.

Definition at line 23 of file IO_Fixture.cpp.

void stk::io::util::IO_Fixture::add_timestep_to_output_mesh ( double  time)

Add timestep and write transiant io-fields to exodus file created by last call to create_output_mesh. Assumes that create_output_mesh has been called.

Definition at line 106 of file IO_Fixture.cpp.

void stk::io::util::IO_Fixture::set_meta_data ( Teuchos::RCP< stk::mesh::fem::FEMMetaData arg_meta_data)

Set this fixture's meta data directly with your own meta data.

Definition at line 116 of file IO_Fixture.cpp.

void stk::io::util::IO_Fixture::set_bulk_data ( Teuchos::RCP< stk::mesh::BulkData arg_bulk_data)

Set this fixture's bulk data directly with your own meta data.

Definition at line 123 of file IO_Fixture.cpp.

void stk::io::util::IO_Fixture::set_input_ioss_region ( Teuchos::RCP< Ioss::Region >  input_region)

Set the input region. Use this if you initialzed meta/bulk data with the setters instead of the initializers.

Definition at line 175 of file IO_Fixture.cpp.

void stk::io::util::IO_Fixture::initialize_meta_data ( const std::string &  base_filename,
const std::string &  type = "exodusii" 

Initialize this fixtures's meta data by reading an input file. Use of this method means you can call initialize_bulk_data to initialize the bulk data of the fixture.

Definition at line 130 of file IO_Fixture.cpp.

void stk::io::util::IO_Fixture::initialize_bulk_data ( )

Initialize this fixtures's bulk data by reading an input file. Only call this method if you used initialize_meta_data to initialize this fixture's meta data. The same file will be used to initialize the bulk data as was used to initialize the meta data.

Definition at line 157 of file IO_Fixture.cpp.

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