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stk::linsys::LinearSystem Class Reference

#include <LinearSystem.hpp>

Inherits stk::linsys::LinearSystemInterface.

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Public Member Functions

 LinearSystem (MPI_Comm comm, fei::SharedPtr< fei::Factory > factory)
virtual ~LinearSystem ()
void set_parameters (Teuchos::ParameterList &paramlist)
void synchronize_mappings_and_structure ()
void create_fei_LinearSystem ()
void finalize_assembly ()
const DofMapperget_DofMapper () const
DofMapperget_DofMapper ()
void reset_to_zero ()
const fei::SharedPtr
< fei::MatrixGraph > 
get_fei_MatrixGraph () const
fei::SharedPtr< fei::MatrixGraph > get_fei_MatrixGraph ()
const fei::SharedPtr
< fei::LinearSystem > 
get_fei_LinearSystem () const
fei::SharedPtr< fei::LinearSystem > get_fei_LinearSystem ()
void write_files (const std::string &base_name) const
int solve (int &status, const Teuchos::ParameterList &params)

Detailed Description

Container of linear-system (matrix, vectors) and mapping objects.

Definition at line 24 of file LinearSystem.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

stk::linsys::LinearSystem::LinearSystem ( MPI_Comm  comm,
fei::SharedPtr< fei::Factory >  factory 


Definition at line 21 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

stk::linsys::LinearSystem::~LinearSystem ( ) [virtual]


Definition at line 30 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void stk::linsys::LinearSystem::synchronize_mappings_and_structure ( )

This is a collective call -- will hang if only a subset of processors call it. Internally calls fei::MatrixGraph::initComplete() and DofMapper::finalize().

Definition at line 48 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

void stk::linsys::LinearSystem::create_fei_LinearSystem ( )

Uses the fei::Factory (that was passed as a constructor argument) to create a fei::LinearSystem and populate it with a fei::Matrix and fei::Vectors.

Definition at line 55 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

void stk::linsys::LinearSystem::finalize_assembly ( )

This is a collective call -- will hang if only a subset of processors call it. Internally calls fei::LinearSystem::loadComplete(), which in turn calls fei::Matrix::globalAssemble() and fei::Vector::gatherFromOverlap(). These operations perform communication to move shared contributions to owning processors, etc.

Definition at line 70 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

const DofMapper & stk::linsys::LinearSystem::get_DofMapper ( ) const

Return DOF-mapping object

Definition at line 76 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

DofMapper & stk::linsys::LinearSystem::get_DofMapper ( )

Return DOF-mapping object

Definition at line 82 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

const fei::SharedPtr< fei::MatrixGraph > stk::linsys::LinearSystem::get_fei_MatrixGraph ( ) const

Return fei::MatrixGraph object

Definition at line 102 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

fei::SharedPtr< fei::MatrixGraph > stk::linsys::LinearSystem::get_fei_MatrixGraph ( )

Return fei::MatrixGraph object

Definition at line 108 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

const fei::SharedPtr< fei::LinearSystem > stk::linsys::LinearSystem::get_fei_LinearSystem ( ) const

Return fei::LinearSystem object

Definition at line 114 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

fei::SharedPtr< fei::LinearSystem > stk::linsys::LinearSystem::get_fei_LinearSystem ( )

Return fei::LinearSystem object

Definition at line 120 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

int stk::linsys::LinearSystem::solve ( int &  status,
const Teuchos::ParameterList &  params 

Solve the linear system

statusOutput flag indicating the termination condition of the underlying linear-solver. Values are solver-specific. In general, 0 indicates that the solver achieved a solution that satisfied the stopping test, within the iteration limit, etc. If an iterative solver fails to converge, this status value will generally be non-zero, but the actual value can vary by solver-library.
paramsTeuchos::ParameterList for the solver
error-code 0 if successful. Note that a 0 error-return does not necessarily mean that the underlying solver achieved a solution. It simply means that no fatal errors were encountered, such as allocation failures, etc.

Definition at line 145 of file LinearSystem.cpp.

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