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struct  stk::IndexList< I0, I1, I2, I3, I4, I5, I6, I7, I8, I9, I10, I11, I12, I13, I14, I15, I16, I17, I18, I19, I20, I21, I22, I23, I24, I25, I26, I27, I28, I29, I30, I31 >
 Compile-time list of indices. More...
struct  stk::IndexListAt< List, J >
 Access member of compile-time list of indices.
Defines enum { value = index_at_J }; More...
struct  stk::StaticAssert< expression >
 Compile-time assertionIf the compile-time expression is true then defines. More...
struct  stk::EqualCase
 Case-insensitive equality compare binary function object. More...
struct  stk::NotEqualCase
 Case-insensitive inequality compare binary function object. More...
struct  stk::LessCase
 Case-insensitive less-than compare binary function object. More...
struct  stk::LessEqualCase
 Case-insensitive less-than-or-equal-to compare binary function object. More...
struct  stk::GreaterCase
 Case-insensitive greater-than compare binary function object. More...
struct  stk::GreaterEqualCase
 Case-insensitive greater-than-or-equal-to compare binary function object. More...
class  stk::CSet
 Set of entities of arbitrary types. More...
class  PairIter


 TypeList: linked list of types

Linked-list of compile-time types and supporting compile-time linked list operations.


bool stk::equal_case (const char *lhs, const char *rhs)
 Case-insensitive equality compare.
bool stk::not_equal_case (const char *lhs, const char *rhs)
 Case-insensitive inequality compare.
bool stk::less_case (const char *lhs, const char *rhs)
 Case-insensitive less-than compare.
bool stk::less_equal_case (const char *lhs, const char *rhs)
 Case-insensitive less-than-or-equal-to compare.
bool stk::greater_case (const char *lhs, const char *rhs)
 Case-insensitive greater-than compare.
bool stk::greater_equal_case (const char *lhs, const char *rhs)
 Case-insensitive greater-than-or-equal-to compare.
bool stk::equal_case (const std::string &lhs, const std::string &rhs)
 Case-insensitive equality compare.
bool stk::not_equal_case (const std::string &lhs, const std::string &rhs)
 Case-insensitive inequality compare.
bool stk::less_case (const std::string &lhs, const std::string &rhs)
 Case-insensitive less-than compare.
bool stk::less_equal_case (const std::string &lhs, const std::string &rhs)
 Case-insensitive less-than-or-equal-to compare.
bool stk::greater_case (const std::string &lhs, const std::string &rhs)
 Case-insensitive greater-than compare.
bool stk::greater_equal_case (const std::string &lhs, const std::string &rhs)
 Case-insensitive greater-than-or-equal-to compare.
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