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stk::mesh::FieldTraits< FieldBase > Struct Template Reference

#include <FieldTraits.hpp>

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  { Rank = 0 }
 Multidimensional array rank.
< void, shards::RankZero, void,
void, void, void, void, void,
void, void > 
typedef void data_type
 Data type of the field's members.
typedef void tag1
 Array dimension tag.
typedef void tag2
 Array dimension tag.
typedef void tag3
 Array dimension tag.
typedef void tag4
 Array dimension tag.
typedef void tag5
 Array dimension tag.
typedef void tag6
 Array dimension tag.
typedef void tag7
 Array dimension tag.

Static Public Member Functions

static void assign_tags (const shards::ArrayDimTag **tags)

Detailed Description

struct stk::mesh::FieldTraits< FieldBase >

FieldTraits provide an API for making queries about field types. Examples:

  • Get the scalar data type contained by a field stk::mesh::FieldTraits< field_type >::data_type
  • Get the dimensional rank (number of dimensions) in a field type stk::mesh::FieldTraits< field_type >::Rank

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