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Thyra::EpetraExtDiagScaledMatProdTransformer Class Reference

Transformer subclass for diagonally scaling and multiplying Epetra/Thyra operators. More...

#include <Thyra_EpetraExtDiagScaledMatProdTransformer.hpp>

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< EpetraExtDiagScaledMatProdTransformer
epetraExtDiagScaledMatProdTransformer ()
 Nonmember constructor.

Overridden from LinearOpTransformerBase.

virtual bool isCompatible (const LinearOpBase< double > &op_in) const
virtual RCP< LinearOpBase
< double > > 
createOutputOp () const
virtual void transform (const LinearOpBase< double > &op_in, const Ptr< LinearOpBase< double > > &op_inout) const

Detailed Description

Transformer subclass for diagonally scaling and multiplying Epetra/Thyra operators.

Definition at line 57 of file Thyra_EpetraExtDiagScaledMatProdTransformer.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool Thyra::EpetraExtDiagScaledMatProdTransformer::isCompatible ( const LinearOpBase< double > &  op_in) const [virtual]
RCP< LinearOpBase< double > > Thyra::EpetraExtDiagScaledMatProdTransformer::createOutputOp ( ) const [virtual]
void Thyra::EpetraExtDiagScaledMatProdTransformer::transform ( const LinearOpBase< double > &  op_in,
const Ptr< LinearOpBase< double > > &  op_inout 
) const [virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

RCP< EpetraExtDiagScaledMatProdTransformer > epetraExtDiagScaledMatProdTransformer ( ) [related]

Nonmember constructor.

Definition at line 89 of file Thyra_EpetraExtDiagScaledMatProdTransformer.hpp.

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