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Thyra nonlinear solver support
Thyra nonlinear support

This is the Nonlinear Solvers Support. More...

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class  Thyra::DampenedNewtonNonlinearSolver< Scalar >
 Simple dampended Newton solver using a Armijo line search :-) More...
class  Thyra::DefaultNonlinearSolverBuilder
 Concrete subclass of Thyra::NonlinearSolverBuilderBase for creating NonlinearSolverBase objects and PreconditionerFactoryBase object on demand given configured factory objects. More...
class  Thyra::DefaultStateEliminationModelEvaluator< Scalar >
 This class wraps any ModelEvaluator object along with a NonlinearSolverBase object and eliminates the steady-state equations f(x,...)=0. More...
class  Thyra::LinearNonlinearSolver< Scalar >
 Concrete nonlinear solver for linear equations. More...

Detailed Description

This is the Nonlinear Solvers Support.

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