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type  FEpetra_Import::Epetra_Import
Epetra_Import:This class builds an import object for efficient importing of off-processor elements. More...


module  FEpetra_Import


Constructor Functions
type(Epetra_Import) FEpetra_Import::Epetra_Import (TargetMap, SourceMap)
Epetra_Import Constructor
type(Epetra_Import) FEpetra_Import::duplicate (this)
Constructs a copy of a Epetra_Import object
Public Member Functions
integer(c_int) FEpetra_Import::NumSameIDs (this)
 Returns the number of elements that are identical between the source and target maps, up to the first different ID.
integer(c_int) FEpetra_Import::NumPermuteIDs (this)
 Returns the number of elements that are local to the calling processor, but not part of the first NumSameIDs() elements.
integer(c_int), dimension(:),
FEpetra_Import::PermuteFromLIDs (this)
 List of elements in the source map that are permuted.
integer(c_int), dimension(:),
FEpetra_Import::PermuteToLIDs (this)
 List of elements in the target map that are permuted.
integer(c_int) FEpetra_Import::NumRemoteIDs (this)
 Returns the number of elements that are not on the calling processor.
integer(c_int) FEpetra_Import::NumExportIDs (this)
 Returns the number of elements that must be sent by the calling processor to other processors.
integer(c_int) FEpetra_Import::NumSend (this)
 Total number of elements to be sent.
integer(c_int) FEpetra_Import::NumRecv (this)
 Total number of elements to be received.
type(Epetra_BlockMap) FEpetra_Import::SourceMap (this)
 Returns the SourceMap used to construct this importer.
type(Epetra_BlockMap) FEpetra_Import::TargetMap (this)
 Returns the TargetMap used to construct this importer.
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