FEpetra_Comm::sum_long Interface Reference

Epetra_Comm Sum function. More...

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Sum Methods
subroutine sum_long (this, PartialSums, GlobalSums, err)

Detailed Description

Epetra_Comm Sum function.

Take list of input values from all processors in the communicator, computes the sum and returns the sum to all processors. Implemented in Epetra_MpiComm, and Epetra_SerialComm.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

subroutine FEpetra_Comm::sum_long::sum_long ( class(Epetra_Comm),intent(in)  this,
integer(c_long),dimension(:),intent(in)  PartialSums,
integer(c_long),dimension(:),intent(inout)  GlobalSums,
type(error),intent(inout),optional  err 
thisPolymorphic type Epetra_Comm communicator containing processors information
PartialSumsIn On entry, contains the list of values, usually partial sums computed locally, to be summed across all processors.
GlobalSumsOut On exit, contains the list of values summed across all processors.
errReturns error information.

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