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amesos_colamd.h File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "amesos_UFconfig.h"
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#define COLAMD_DATE   "May 31, 2007"
#define COLAMD_VERSION_CODE(main, sub)   ((main) * 1000 + (sub))
#define COLAMD_KNOBS   20
#define COLAMD_STATS   20
#define COLAMD_DENSE_ROW   0
#define COLAMD_DENSE_COL   1
#define COLAMD_STATUS   3
#define COLAMD_INFO1   4
#define COLAMD_INFO2   5
#define COLAMD_INFO3   6
#define COLAMD_OK   (0)
#define COLAMD_ERROR_A_not_present   (-1)
#define COLAMD_ERROR_p_not_present   (-2)
#define COLAMD_ERROR_nrow_negative   (-3)
#define COLAMD_ERROR_ncol_negative   (-4)
#define COLAMD_ERROR_nnz_negative   (-5)
#define COLAMD_ERROR_p0_nonzero   (-6)
#define COLAMD_ERROR_A_too_small   (-7)
#define COLAMD_ERROR_col_length_negative   (-8)
#define COLAMD_ERROR_row_index_out_of_bounds   (-9)
#define COLAMD_ERROR_out_of_memory   (-10)
#define COLAMD_ERROR_internal_error   (-999)
#define EXTERN   extern


size_t amesos_colamd_recommended (int nnz, int n_row, int n_col)
size_t amesos_colamd_l_recommended (UF_long nnz, UF_long n_row, UF_long n_col)
void amesos_colamd_set_defaults (double knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS])
void amesos_colamd_l_set_defaults (double knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS])
int amesos_colamd (int n_row, int n_col, int Alen, int A[], int p[], double knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS], int stats[COLAMD_STATS])
UF_long amesos_colamd_l (UF_long n_row, UF_long n_col, UF_long Alen, UF_long A[], UF_long p[], double knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS], UF_long stats[COLAMD_STATS])
int amesos_symamd (int n, int A[], int p[], int perm[], double knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS], int stats[COLAMD_STATS], void *(*allocate)(size_t, size_t), void(*release)(void *))
UF_long amesos_symamd_l (UF_long n, UF_long A[], UF_long p[], UF_long perm[], double knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS], UF_long stats[COLAMD_STATS], void *(*allocate)(size_t, size_t), void(*release)(void *))
void amesos_colamd_report (int stats[COLAMD_STATS])
void amesos_colamd_l_report (UF_long stats[COLAMD_STATS])
void amesos_symamd_report (int stats[COLAMD_STATS])
void amesos_symamd_l_report (UF_long stats[COLAMD_STATS])


EXTERN int(* amesos_colamd_printf )(const char *,...)

Define Documentation

#define COLAMD_DATE   "May 31, 2007"

Definition at line 84 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_VERSION_CODE (   main,
)    ((main) * 1000 + (sub))

Definition at line 85 of file amesos_colamd.h.


Definition at line 86 of file amesos_colamd.h.


Definition at line 87 of file amesos_colamd.h.


Definition at line 88 of file amesos_colamd.h.


Definition at line 89 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_KNOBS   20

Definition at line 97 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_STATS   20

Definition at line 100 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_DENSE_ROW   0

Definition at line 103 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_DENSE_COL   1

Definition at line 106 of file amesos_colamd.h.


Definition at line 109 of file amesos_colamd.h.


Definition at line 112 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_STATUS   3

Definition at line 115 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_INFO1   4

Definition at line 118 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_INFO2   5

Definition at line 119 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_INFO3   6

Definition at line 120 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_OK   (0)

Definition at line 123 of file amesos_colamd.h.


Definition at line 124 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_ERROR_A_not_present   (-1)

Definition at line 125 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_ERROR_p_not_present   (-2)

Definition at line 126 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_ERROR_nrow_negative   (-3)

Definition at line 127 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_ERROR_ncol_negative   (-4)

Definition at line 128 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_ERROR_nnz_negative   (-5)

Definition at line 129 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_ERROR_p0_nonzero   (-6)

Definition at line 130 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_ERROR_A_too_small   (-7)

Definition at line 131 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_ERROR_col_length_negative   (-8)

Definition at line 132 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_ERROR_row_index_out_of_bounds   (-9)

Definition at line 133 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_ERROR_out_of_memory   (-10)

Definition at line 134 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define COLAMD_ERROR_internal_error   (-999)

Definition at line 135 of file amesos_colamd.h.

#define EXTERN   extern

Definition at line 246 of file amesos_colamd.h.

Function Documentation

size_t amesos_colamd_recommended ( int  nnz,
int  n_row,
int  n_col 
size_t amesos_colamd_l_recommended ( UF_long  nnz,
UF_long  n_row,
UF_long  n_col 
void amesos_colamd_set_defaults ( double  knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS])
void amesos_colamd_l_set_defaults ( double  knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS])
int amesos_colamd ( int  n_row,
int  n_col,
int  Alen,
int  A[],
int  p[],
double  knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS],
int  stats[COLAMD_STATS] 
UF_long amesos_colamd_l ( UF_long  n_row,
UF_long  n_col,
UF_long  Alen,
UF_long  A[],
UF_long  p[],
double  knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS],
UF_long  stats[COLAMD_STATS] 
int amesos_symamd ( int  n,
int  A[],
int  p[],
int  perm[],
double  knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS],
int  stats[COLAMD_STATS],
void *(*)(size_t, size_t)  allocate,
void(*)(void *)  release 
UF_long amesos_symamd_l ( UF_long  n,
UF_long  A[],
UF_long  p[],
UF_long  perm[],
double  knobs[COLAMD_KNOBS],
UF_long  stats[COLAMD_STATS],
void *(*)(size_t, size_t)  allocate,
void(*)(void *)  release 
void amesos_colamd_report ( int  stats[COLAMD_STATS])
void amesos_colamd_l_report ( UF_long  stats[COLAMD_STATS])
void amesos_symamd_report ( int  stats[COLAMD_STATS])
void amesos_symamd_l_report ( UF_long  stats[COLAMD_STATS])

Variable Documentation

EXTERN int(* amesos_colamd_printf)(const char *,...)

Definition at line 249 of file amesos_colamd.h.

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