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klu_l_common_struct Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

double tol
double memgrow
double initmem_amd
double initmem
double maxwork
UF_long btf
UF_long ordering
UF_long scale
void *(* malloc_memory )(size_t)
void *(* realloc_memory )(void *, size_t)
void(* free_memory )(void *)
void *(* calloc_memory )(size_t, size_t)
UF_long(* user_order )(UF_long, UF_long *, UF_long *, UF_long *, struct klu_l_common_struct *)
void * user_data
UF_long halt_if_singular
UF_long status
UF_long nrealloc
UF_long structural_rank
UF_long numerical_rank
UF_long singular_col
UF_long noffdiag
double flops
double rcond
double condest
double rgrowth
double work
size_t memusage
size_t mempeak

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