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Amesos2 Linear Algebra Object Adapters
Collaboration diagram for Amesos2 Linear Algebra Object Adapters:


 Amesos2 Matrix Adapters
 Amesos2 MultiVector Adapters

Detailed Description

Amesos2 derives much of its flexibility from its adapters. Amesos2 solver instances are templated on matrix and multivector types. As long as an Amesos2 adapter exists for those types, then Amesos2 can interact with those objects.

Amesos2 has two types of adapters:

The adapters provide a unifying interface for Amesos2 to use, regardless of the actual type of the object. In this way, a solver interface itself does not need to be changed in order to work with a new linear algebra object.

New adapters can be created whenever the need arises. Just contact the Amesos2 developers if you have a linear algebra object that you want Amesos2 to be able to interact with.