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AztecOO_StatusTestMaxIters Class Reference

AztecOO_StatusTestMaxIters: An AztecOO_StatusTest class specifying a maximum number of iterations. More...

#include <AztecOO_StatusTestMaxIters.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AztecOO_StatusTestMaxIters (int MaxIters)
virtual ~AztecOO_StatusTestMaxIters ()
bool ResidualVectorRequired () const
 Indicates if residual vector is required by this convergence test: returns false for this class.
AztecOO_StatusType CheckStatus (int CurrentIter, Epetra_MultiVector *CurrentResVector, double CurrentResNormEst, bool SolutionUpdated)
 Check convergence status: Unconverged, Converged, Failed.
AztecOO_StatusType GetStatus () const
 Return the result of the most recent checkStatus call.
ostream & Print (ostream &stream, int indent=0) const
 Output formatted description of stopping test to output stream.
int GetMaxIters () const
 Returns the maximum number of iterations set in the constructor.
int GetNumIters () const
 Returns the current number of iterations from the most recent StatusTest call.

Detailed Description

AztecOO_StatusTestMaxIters: An AztecOO_StatusTest class specifying a maximum number of iterations.

Member Function Documentation

AztecOO_StatusType AztecOO_StatusTestMaxIters::CheckStatus ( int  CurrentIter,
Epetra_MultiVector CurrentResVector,
double  CurrentResNormEst,
bool  SolutionUpdated 
) [virtual]

Check convergence status: Unconverged, Converged, Failed.

This method checks to see if the convergence criteria are met..

CurrentIter(In) Current iteration of iterative method. Compared against MaxIters value passed in at construction. If CurrentIter < MaxIters, we return with StatusType = Unconverged. Otherwise, StatusType will be set to Failed.
CurrentResVector(In) Ignored by this class.
CurrentResNormEst(In) Ignored by this class.
SolutionUpdated(In) Ignored by this class.
StatusType Unconverged if CurrentIter<MaxIters, Failed if CurrentIters>=MaxIters.

Implements AztecOO_StatusTest.

References Failed, and Unconverged.

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