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Tsqr_CombineTest.hpp File Reference

Test accuracy of TSQR::Combine. More...

#include <Tsqr_ConfigDefs.hpp>

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namespace  TSQR

Implementation of the Tall Skinny QR (TSQR) factorization.

namespace  TSQR::Test

Accuracy and performance tests for TSQR.


void TSQR::Test::verifyCombine (const int numRows, const int numCols, const bool testReal, const bool testComplex, const bool printFieldNames, const bool simulateSequentialTsqr, const bool debug)
 Test accuracy of TSQR::Combine.

Detailed Description

Test accuracy of TSQR::Combine.

TSQR::Combine implements two structured QR factorizations: [R1; R2] (where R1 and R2 are both square and upper triangular) and [R; A] (where R is square and upper triangular, and A is a general dense matrix). This file implements accuracy tests for both versions.

Definition in file Tsqr_CombineTest.hpp.

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