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KokkosExamples::EmptyCrsGraph< Node > Class Template Reference

#include <KokkosExamples_EmptySparseKernelClass.hpp>

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void setStructure (const ArrayRCP< const size_t > &, const ArrayRCP< const int > &)
 Submit the indices and offset for the graph.
Data entry and accessor methods.
RCP< Node > getNode () const
size_t getNumRows () const
 Return the number of rows in the graph.

Detailed Description

template<class Node>
class KokkosExamples::EmptyCrsGraph< Node >

This is based off Kokkos::CrsGraphBase to ease our obligations.

Definition at line 69 of file KokkosExamples_EmptySparseKernelClass.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Node>
void KokkosExamples::EmptyCrsGraph< Node >::setStructure ( const ArrayRCP< const size_t > &  ptrs,
const ArrayRCP< const int > &  inds 
) [inline, virtual]

Submit the indices and offset for the graph.

indices for row r are inds[r], where $r \in [b,e)$, where $b = ptrs[r]$ and $e = ptrs[r-1]$
ptrs has getNumRows()+1 entries
ptrs[0] == 0
ptrs[getNumRows()] == inds.size()

Implements Kokkos::CrsGraphBase< int, Node >.

Definition at line 73 of file KokkosExamples_EmptySparseKernelClass.hpp.

size_t Kokkos::CrsGraphBase< int , Node >::getNumRows ( ) const [inherited]

Return the number of rows in the graph.

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