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Kokkos::CUSPARSEOps< Scalar, Node >::bind_scalar< S2 > Struct Template Reference

Sparse operations type for a different scalar type. More...

#include <Kokkos_CUSPARSEOps.hpp>

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template<class Scalar, class Node>
template<class S2>
struct Kokkos::CUSPARSEOps< Scalar, Node >::bind_scalar< S2 >

Sparse operations type for a different scalar type.

The bind_scalar struct defines the type responsible for sparse operations for a scalar type S2, which may be different from Scalar.

Use by Tpetra CrsMatrix to bind a potentially "void" scalar type to the appropriate scalar.

This always specifies a specialization of CUSPARSEOps, regardless of the scalar type S2.

Template Parameters:
S2A scalar type possibly different from Scalar.

Definition at line 599 of file Kokkos_CUSPARSEOps.hpp.

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