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DenseLinAlgPack_Types.hpp File Reference
#include "DenseLinAlgPack_Options.hpp"
#include "RangePack_Range1D.hpp"
#include "BLAS_Cpp_Types.hpp"
#include "Teuchos_TypeNameTraits.hpp"
#include "Teuchos_Assert.hpp"
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namespace  MemMngPack
namespace  DenseLinAlgPack

Test function for COOMatrix and COOMatrixSlice.

enum  DenseLinAlgPack::EOverLap { DenseLinAlgPack::NO_OVERLAP = 0, DenseLinAlgPack::SOME_OVERLAP, DenseLinAlgPack::SAME_MEM }
 Enumeration for returning the amount of overlap between two objects. More...
typedef VectorTmpl< value_type > DenseLinAlgPack::DVector
typedef VectorSliceTmpl
< value_type > 
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