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NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase Class Reference

Implements the base NLP interface using a Thyra::ModelEvaluator object. More...

#include <NLPInterfacePack_NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Set if a trace of the model evaluations is shown or not.

Protected Types

typedef Teuchos::RCP< const

Protected Member Functions

void evalModel (const Vector &x, bool newx, const ZeroOrderInfo *zero_order_info, const ObjGradInfo *obj_grad_info) const

Protected Attributes

bool initialized_
value_type obj_scale_
bool has_bounds_
bool force_xinit_in_bounds_
index_type num_bounded_x_
< Thyra::ModelEvaluator
< value_type > > 
int p_idx_
int g_idx_
bool DfDp_supports_op_
bool DfDp_supports_mv_
VectorSpace::space_ptr_t space_x_
VectorSpaceThyra_ptr_t space_c_
NLPFirstOrder::mat_fcty_ptr_t factory_Gc_
NLPFirstOrder::basis_sys_ptr_t basis_sys_
bool x_guess_bounds_updated_
VectorSpace::vec_mut_ptr_t xinit_
VectorSpace::vec_mut_ptr_t xl_
VectorSpace::vec_mut_ptr_t xu_
< Thyra::VectorBase
< value_type > > 
bool model_g_updated_
bool model_Dg_updated_
bool f_updated_
bool c_updated_
bool Gf_updated_
bool Gc_updated_

Overridden public members from NLP

void initialize (bool test_setup)
bool is_initialized () const
vec_space_ptr_t space_x () const
vec_space_ptr_t space_c () const
size_type num_bounded_x () const
void force_xinit_in_bounds (bool force_xinit_in_bounds)
bool force_xinit_in_bounds () const
const Vectorxinit () const
const Vectorxl () const
const Vectorxu () const
value_type max_var_bounds_viol () const
void set_f (value_type *f)
void set_c (VectorMutable *c)
void unset_quantities ()
void scale_f (value_type scale_f)
value_type scale_f () const
void report_final_solution (const Vector &x, const Vector *lambda, const Vector *nu, bool optimal)

Overridden public members from NLPObjGrad

void set_Gf (VectorMutable *Gf)

Overridden protected members from NLP

void imp_calc_f (const Vector &x, bool newx, const ZeroOrderInfo &zero_order_info) const
void imp_calc_c (const Vector &x, bool newx, const ZeroOrderInfo &zero_order_info) const

Overridden protected members from NLPObjGrad

void imp_calc_Gf (const Vector &x, bool newx, const ObjGradInfo &obj_grad_info) const

Protected functions to be used by subclasses

 NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase ()
void initializeBase (const Teuchos::RCP< Thyra::ModelEvaluator< value_type > > &model, const int p_idx, const int g_idx)
 Initialize given a Thyra::ModelEvaluator and a description of how to interpret it.
void updateInitialGuessAndBounds () const
 Update the initial guess and bounds .
void assert_is_initialized () const
void copy_from_model_x (const Thyra::VectorBase< value_type > *model_x, VectorMutable *x_D) const
void copy_from_model_p (const Thyra::VectorBase< value_type > *model_p, VectorMutable *x_I) const
void set_x (const Vector &x, Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::InArgs< value_type > *model_inArgs_inout) const
void preprocessBaseInOutArgs (const Vector &x, bool newx, const ZeroOrderInfo *zero_order_info, const ObjGradInfo *obj_grad_info, const NLPFirstOrder::FirstOrderInfo *first_order_info, Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::InArgs< value_type > *model_inArgs_inout, Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::OutArgs< value_type > *model_outArgs_inout, MatrixOp **Gc_out, VectorMutable **Gf_out, value_type **f_out, VectorMutable **c_out) const
void postprocessBaseOutArgs (Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::OutArgs< value_type > *model_outArgs_inout, VectorMutable *Gf, value_type *f, VectorMutable *c) const

Detailed Description

Implements the base NLP interface using a Thyra::ModelEvaluator object.

The nonlinear program is mapped as follows:

    min     f(x)
    s.t.    c(x) = 0
            xL <= x <= xu


        x = [ model.x        ]
            [ model.p(p_idx) ]

        f(x) = model.g(g_idx)

        c(x) = model.f()


where p_idx > 0 and g_idx > 0 are some indexes that specificy the indepenent variables and the objective function.

In addition, the client can also override the bounds on model.x and model.p(p_idx) defined in the object model.

The current implementation of this class does not allow the use of any of the auxiliary functions model.g() as undecomposed equality constraints or extra general inequality constraints. This type of functionality can be added when it is needed (just ask for it).

ToDo: Finish documentation!

Definition at line 92 of file NLPInterfacePack_NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase ( ) [protected]

Initialize to uninitialized

Definition at line 233 of file NLPInterfacePack_NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::STANDARD_MEMBER_COMPOSITION_MEMBERS ( bool  ,

Set if a trace of the model evaluations is shown or not.

void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::initialize ( bool  test_setup) [virtual]
bool NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::is_initialized ( ) const [virtual]
NLP::vec_space_ptr_t NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::space_x ( ) const [virtual]
NLP::vec_space_ptr_t NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::space_c ( ) const [virtual]
size_type NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::num_bounded_x ( ) const [virtual]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::force_xinit_in_bounds ( bool  force_xinit_in_bounds) [virtual]
bool NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::force_xinit_in_bounds ( ) const [virtual]
const Vector & NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::xinit ( ) const [virtual]
const Vector & NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::xl ( ) const [virtual]
const Vector & NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::xu ( ) const [virtual]
value_type NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::max_var_bounds_viol ( ) const [virtual]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::set_f ( value_type *  f) [virtual]

Reimplemented from NLPInterfacePack::NLP.

Definition at line 137 of file NLPInterfacePack_NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase.cpp.

void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::set_c ( VectorMutable c) [virtual]

Reimplemented from NLPInterfacePack::NLP.

Definition at line 143 of file NLPInterfacePack_NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase.cpp.

void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::unset_quantities ( ) [virtual]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::scale_f ( value_type  scale_f) [virtual]
value_type NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::scale_f ( ) const [virtual]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::report_final_solution ( const Vector x,
const Vector lambda,
const Vector nu,
bool  optimal 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented from NLPInterfacePack::NLP.

Definition at line 164 of file NLPInterfacePack_NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase.cpp.

void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::set_Gf ( VectorMutable Gf) [virtual]

Reimplemented from NLPInterfacePack::NLPObjGrad.

Definition at line 197 of file NLPInterfacePack_NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase.cpp.

void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::imp_calc_f ( const Vector x,
bool  newx,
const ZeroOrderInfo zero_order_info 
) const [protected, virtual]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::imp_calc_c ( const Vector x,
bool  newx,
const ZeroOrderInfo zero_order_info 
) const [protected, virtual]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::imp_calc_Gf ( const Vector x,
bool  newx,
const ObjGradInfo obj_grad_info 
) const [protected, virtual]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::initializeBase ( const Teuchos::RCP< Thyra::ModelEvaluator< value_type > > &  model,
const int  p_idx,
const int  g_idx 
) [protected]

Initialize given a Thyra::ModelEvaluator and a description of how to interpret it.

model[in] NonlinearProblem that defines all of the functions and variables.
p_idx[in] Index of the subset of parameter vectors to use as the independent variables. If p_idx < 0, then no extra parameters are added.
g_idx[in] Index of the subset of auxiliary response functions to use as the objective function. Note, only the first element model.g(g_idx)(1) will be used as the objective function value.
model_xL[in] Pointer to upper bounds for the state variables model.x. If NULL then the default supplied in model->get_x_lower_bounds() will be used.
model_xU[in] Pointer to upper bounds for the state variables x. If NULL then the default supplied in model->get_x_upper_bounds() will be used.
model_x0[in] Pointer to initial guess for the state variables x. If NULL the the default supplied in model->get_x_init() will be used.

ToDo: Finish documentation!

Todo: Add arguments for auxiliary inequalites and equalities

Definition at line 240 of file NLPInterfacePack_NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase.cpp.

void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::updateInitialGuessAndBounds ( ) const [protected]

Update the initial guess and bounds .

Definition at line 357 of file NLPInterfacePack_NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase.cpp.

void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::assert_is_initialized ( ) const [protected]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::copy_from_model_x ( const Thyra::VectorBase< value_type > *  model_x,
VectorMutable x_D 
) const [protected]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::copy_from_model_p ( const Thyra::VectorBase< value_type > *  model_p,
VectorMutable x_I 
) const [protected]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::set_x ( const Vector x,
Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::InArgs< value_type > *  model_inArgs_inout 
) const [protected]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::preprocessBaseInOutArgs ( const Vector x,
bool  newx,
const ZeroOrderInfo zero_order_info,
const ObjGradInfo obj_grad_info,
const NLPFirstOrder::FirstOrderInfo first_order_info,
Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::InArgs< value_type > *  model_inArgs_inout,
Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::OutArgs< value_type > *  model_outArgs_inout,
MatrixOp **  Gc_out,
VectorMutable **  Gf_out,
value_type **  f_out,
VectorMutable **  c_out 
) const [protected]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::postprocessBaseOutArgs ( Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::OutArgs< value_type > *  model_outArgs_inout,
VectorMutable Gf,
value_type *  f,
VectorMutable c 
) const [protected]
void NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::evalModel ( const Vector x,
bool  newx,
const ZeroOrderInfo zero_order_info,
const ObjGradInfo obj_grad_info 
) const [protected]

Member Data Documentation

Teuchos::RCP<Thyra::ModelEvaluator<value_type> > NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::model_ [protected]
VectorSpace::space_ptr_t NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::space_x_ [protected]
VectorSpace::vec_mut_ptr_t NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::xinit_ [protected]
VectorSpace::vec_mut_ptr_t NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::xl_ [protected]
VectorSpace::vec_mut_ptr_t NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::xu_ [protected]
Teuchos::RCP<Thyra::VectorBase<value_type> > NLPInterfacePack::NLPThyraModelEvaluatorBase::model_g_ [protected]

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