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Optika_ArrayHelperFunctions.cpp File Reference
#include "Optika_ArrayHelperFunctions.hpp"
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namespace  Optika


QString Optika::determineArrayType (RCP< const ParameterEntry > parameter, bool twoD=false)
 Determines the type of array stored in a parameter.
QString Optika::determineArrayType (RCP< const ParameterEntry > parameter)
QVariant Optika::arrayEntryToVariant (RCP< const ParameterEntry > arrayEntry, QString type, bool twoD=false)
 Creates a QVariant containing the array that is in arrayEntry.
QString Optika::getArrayType (QString itemType)
 Given a type string, determines the template type of the Array.
bool Optika::isArrayEmpty (RCP< const ParameterEntry > arrayEntry, QString type)
 Determines wether or no the array inside a ParameterEntry is empty.
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