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Teuchos::StringToIntegralValidatorXMLConverter< IntegralType > Class Template Reference

Converts StringToIntegralParameterEntryValidators to and from XML. More...

#include <Teuchos_StandardValidatorXMLConverters.hpp>

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Teuchos::ValidatorXMLConverter Teuchos::Describable Teuchos::LabeledObject

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Public Member Functions

Overridden from ValidatorXMLConverter
RCP< ParameterEntryValidatorconvertXML (const XMLObject &xmlObj, const IDtoValidatorMap &validatorIDsMap) const
void convertValidator (const RCP< const ParameterEntryValidator > validator, XMLObject &xmlObj, const ValidatortoIDMap &validatorIDsMap) const

Detailed Description

template<class IntegralType>
class Teuchos::StringToIntegralValidatorXMLConverter< IntegralType >

Converts StringToIntegralParameterEntryValidators to and from XML.

The XML Representation for a StringToIntegralValidator is:

    defaultParameterName="Name of default parameter"
    validatorId="Validator id"
      stringValue="Value 1" 
      integralValue="int value 1" 
      stringDoc="Documentation for Value 1"
      stringValue="Value 2" 
      integralValue="int value 2" 
      stringDoc="Documentation for Value 2"
    ...More String Values...

The "integralValue" and "stringDoc" XML attributes are optional. However, if one of the "String" tags includes an "integralValue" and/or a "stringDoc" XML attribute, all other "String" tags must do so as well.

Definition at line 89 of file Teuchos_StandardValidatorXMLConverters.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class IntegralType >
RCP< ParameterEntryValidator > Teuchos::StringToIntegralValidatorXMLConverter< IntegralType >::convertXML ( const XMLObject xmlObj,
const IDtoValidatorMap validatorIDsMap 
) const [virtual]
template<class IntegralType >
void Teuchos::StringToIntegralValidatorXMLConverter< IntegralType >::convertValidator ( const RCP< const ParameterEntryValidator validator,
XMLObject xmlObj,
const ValidatortoIDMap validatorIDsMap 
) const [virtual]

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