EpetraExt::Perm_traits< Epetra_CrsGraph > Member List

This is the complete list of members for EpetraExt::Perm_traits< Epetra_CrsGraph >, including all inherited members.

clone(Epetra_CrsGraph *example, Epetra_DataAccess CV, const Epetra_BlockMap &map, int rowLength)EpetraExt::Perm_traits< Epetra_CrsGraph > [inline, static]
produceColumnPermutation(Permutation< Epetra_CrsGraph > *perm, Epetra_CrsGraph *srcObj)EpetraExt::Perm_traits< Epetra_CrsGraph > [inline, static]
replaceMap(Epetra_CrsGraph *graph, const Epetra_BlockMap &map)EpetraExt::Perm_traits< Epetra_CrsGraph > [inline, static]
typeName()EpetraExt::Perm_traits< Epetra_CrsGraph > [inline, static]

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