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Header file for the Intrepid::HDIV_TET_In_FEM class. More...

#include "Intrepid_Types.hpp"
#include "Intrepid_Basis.hpp"
#include "Intrepid_PointTools.hpp"
#include "Intrepid_HGRAD_TET_Cn_FEM_ORTH.hpp"
#include "Intrepid_CubatureDirectTetDefault.hpp"
#include "Teuchos_SerialDenseMatrix.hpp"
#include "Teuchos_SerialDenseSolver.hpp"
#include "Intrepid_HDIV_TET_In_FEMDef.hpp"

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class  Intrepid::Basis_HDIV_TET_In_FEM< Scalar, ArrayScalar >
 Implementation of the default H(div)-compatible Raviart-Thomas basis of arbitrary degree on Tetrahedron cell. The lowest order instance starts with n. Implements the nodal basis of degree n the reference Tetrahedron cell. The basis has cardinality n(n+1)(n+3)/2 and spans an INCOMPLETE polynomial space of degree n. Basis functions are dual to a unisolvent set of degrees-of-freedom (DoF) defined and enumerated as follows: More...

Detailed Description

Header file for the Intrepid::HDIV_TET_In_FEM class.

Created by R. Kirby and P. Bochev and D. Ridzal.

Definition in file Intrepid_HDIV_TET_In_FEM.hpp.

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