AbstractLinAlgPack_VectorStdOps.hpp File Reference

#include "AbstractLinAlgPack_VectorMutable.hpp"

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namespace  AbstractLinAlgPack


AbstractLinAlgPack::value_type AbstractLinAlgPack::sum (const Vector &v_rhs)
 result = sum( v_rhs(i), i = 1,,,dim )
AbstractLinAlgPack::value_type AbstractLinAlgPack::dot (const Vector &v_rhs1, const Vector &v_rhs2)
 result = v_rhs1' * v_rhs2
AbstractLinAlgPack::value_type AbstractLinAlgPack::dot (const Vector &v_rhs1, const SpVectorSlice &sv_rhs2)
 result = v_rhs1' * sv_rhs2
value_type AbstractLinAlgPack::dot (const SpVectorSlice &sv_rhs1, const Vector &v_rhs2)
 result = sv_rhs1' * v_rhs2
void AbstractLinAlgPack::max_abs_ele (const Vector &v, value_type *max_v_j, index_type *max_j)
 Compute the maximum element in a vector.
void AbstractLinAlgPack::Vp_S (VectorMutable *v_lhs, const value_type &alpha)
 v_lhs += alpha
void AbstractLinAlgPack::Vt_S (VectorMutable *v_lhs, const value_type &alpha)
 v_lhs *= alpha
void AbstractLinAlgPack::Vp_StV (VectorMutable *v_lhs, const value_type &alpha, const Vector &v_rhs)
 v_lhs = alpha * v_rhs + v_lhs
void AbstractLinAlgPack::Vp_StV (VectorMutable *v_lhs, const value_type &alpha, const SpVectorSlice &sv_rhs)
 v_lhs = alpha * sv_rhs + v_lhs
void AbstractLinAlgPack::ele_wise_prod (const value_type &alpha, const Vector &v_rhs1, const Vector &v_rhs2,VectorMutable *v_lhs)
 v_lhs(i) += alpha * v_rhs1(i) * v_rhs2(i), i = 1,,,dim.
void AbstractLinAlgPack::ele_wise_divide (const value_type &alpha, const Vector &v_rhs1, const Vector &v_rhs2,VectorMutable *v_lhs)
 v_lhs(i) = alpha * v_rhs1(i) / v_rhs2(i), i = 1,,,dim.
void AbstractLinAlgPack::seed_random_vector_generator (unsigned int)
 Seed the random number generator.
void AbstractLinAlgPack::random_vector (value_type l, value_type u, VectorMutable *v)
 Generate a random vector with elements uniformly distrubuted elements.
void AbstractLinAlgPack::sign (const Vector &v,VectorMutable *z)
 Compute the sign of each element in an input vector.
AbstractLinAlgPack::value_type AbstractLinAlgPack::dot (const SpVectorSlice &sv_rhs1, const Vector &v_rhs2)
 result = sv_rhs1' * v_rhs2

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