RTOp_ROp_max_inequ_viol.h File Reference

#include "RTOp.h"

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struct  RTOp_ROp_max_inequ_viol_reduct_obj_t
int RTOp_ROp_max_inequ_viol_construct (struct RTOp_RTOp *op)
int RTOp_ROp_max_inequ_viol_destroy (struct RTOp_RTOp *op)
RTOp_ROp_max_inequ_viol_reduct_obj_t RTOp_ROp_max_inequ_viol_val (RTOp_ReductTarget targ_obj)

Detailed Description

Computes the maximum violation of a set of inequality constraints.

Determines the maximum violation from a set of double-sided inequality constriants of the form:

 vL(i) <= v(i) <= vU(i), for i = 1...n
Constraint violations are scaled by 1.0/(1.0+|v(i)|) in the determination of the maximum violation. Any ties are broken by returning the lowest i.

The input vectors are passed in the order:

 v0 = v, v1 = vL, v2 = vU

Definition in file RTOp_ROp_max_inequ_viol.h.

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