The Optika package is intended to give Trilinos Developers an easy way to construct a GUI for their program. Through the use of Teuchos ParameterLists, the Optika package will allow the developer to achieve the following workflow within their program: {enumerate} Specify a list of inputs needed from the user Define valid values for inputs as well as defaults Present the required inputs to the user in the form of a GUI Allow the user to change the values of the inputs to their liking Obtain the values the user entered in the form of a Parameter List. {enumerate}


In order to compile Optika you must have Qt installed. You can either download Qt directly from the website ( or if you are on Linux, you can use your package manager. If you use your package manager, may sure you download the Qt developement package (usually something like qt4-devel) and that it is Qt version 4.5 or higher. If you download Qt directly and put it some where other than the default installation directory, the simpilest way to ensure that optika finds it is by putting the path to the qmake executable in your $PATH variable. For example, lets assume that I installed qt to a directory in my home directory called qt4.5, then I would issue the following command: For BASH: $ export $PATH=/home/kurtis/qt4.5/bin:$PATH For TSCH: $ set path=( /home/kurtis/qt4.5/bin $path)

You can browse all of Optika as a single doxygen collection. Warning, this is not the recommended way to learn about Optika software. However, this is a good way to browse the directory structure of optika, to locate files, etc.

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