Phalanx Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
PHX::ConstTemplateIterator< TypeSeq, BaseT, ObjectT >
PHX::ContiguousAllocator< AlignmentT >Class that allocates a contiguous chunk of memory for all fields
PHX::DataContainer< DataT, Traits >Container that holds all fields associated with a specific DataT
PHX::DataLayoutA pure virtual class to distinguish a unique data layout in a cell
PHX::EvaluationContainer< EvalT, Traits >Container that holds all data associated with a scalar type
PHX::Evaluator< Traits >
PHX::EvaluatorBase< Traits >Template Manager "Base" class object for all field evaluators
PHX::EvaluatorManager< Traits >Class to sort which Evaluators should be called and the order in which to call them such that all dependencies are met
PHX::EvaluatorUtilities< EvalT, Traits >Utilities to hide templating in concrete Evaluators
PHX::EvaluatorWithBaseImpl< Traits >Class that implements helper functions for the pure virtual PHX::Evaluator class
PHX::ExprAdd< Ordinal, Scalar, OP1, OP2 >Addition
PHX::ExprDiv< Ordinal, Scalar, OP1, OP2 >Division
PHX::ExprMult< Ordinal, Scalar, OP1, OP2 >Multiplication
PHX::ExprScalar< Ordinal, Scalar >Traits for expression template array object
PHX::ExprSubtr< Ordinal, Scalar, OP1, OP2 >Subtraction
PHX::ExprTraits< Ordinal, T >Default implementation uses a constant reference
PHX::ExprTraits< Ordinal, PHX::ExprScalar< Ordinal, T > >Scalar implementation
PHX::FTCompFunctor for RCP<FieldTag> comparisons in stl std::map. This must follow strict weak ordering rules
PHX::FTPredPredicate for searches of stl std::vector< RCP<FieldTag> > using find_if algorithm
PHX::FTPredRefPredicate for searches of stl std::vector< RCP<FieldTag> > using find_if algorithm
PHX::NewAllocatorAllocator that uses "new" to allocate each array separately
PHX::Tag< DataT >Typed Field Tag
PHX::TemplateIterator< TypeSeq, BaseT, ObjectT >
PHX::TemplateManager< TypeSeq, BaseT, ObjectT >Container class to manager template instantiations of a template class
PHX::TemplateManager< TypeSeq, BaseT, ObjectT >::DefaultBuilderOpThe default builder class for building objects for each ScalarT
PHX::TypeString< ObjectT >User must specialize this class for each evaluation and data type!
PHX::UFO< Traits, FactoryTraits >Unary Function Object (UFO) - helper class required for mpl::for_each<>

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