phdmesh::ParallelIndex Class Reference

#include <ParallelIndex.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Parallel cross-reference index for a collection of 'key_type' keys. Each processor constructs a ParallelIndex with its local collection of keys. The ParallelIndex may be queried for (1) which other processors that submitted the same keys or (2) which processors submitted an arbitrary set of keys.

Definition at line 45 of file ParallelIndex.hpp.

Public Types

typedef uint64_type key_type
typedef std::pair< key_type,

Public Member Functions

 ParallelIndex (ParallelMachine, const std::vector< key_type > &)
void query (std::vector< KeyProc > &) const
void query (const std::vector< key_type > &, std::vector< KeyProc > &) const


struct  LessKeyProc

Member Function Documentation

void phdmesh::ParallelIndex::query ( std::vector< KeyProc > &   )  const

Query which other processors submitted the same keys that the local processor submitted.

void phdmesh::ParallelIndex::query ( const std::vector< key_type > &  ,
std::vector< KeyProc > &   
) const

Query which processors submitted the given keys. The local processor is in the output if it submitted a queried key.

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