Sacado::ConstTemplateIterator< BaseT > Class Template Reference

#include <Sacado_TemplateIterator.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ConstTemplateIterator (typename std::vector< Teuchos::RCP< BaseT > >::const_iterator p)
bool operator== (const ConstTemplateIterator &t) const
 Equal operator.
bool operator!= (const ConstTemplateIterator &t) const
 Not equal operator.
const Sacado::ConstTemplateIterator<
BaseT >::reference 
operator * () const
 Dereference operator.
const Sacado::ConstTemplateIterator<
BaseT >::pointer 
operator-> () const
 -> operator
ConstTemplateIteratoroperator++ ()
 Prefix ++.
ConstTemplateIterator operator++ (int)
 Postfix ++.
Teuchos::RCP< BaseT > rcp () const
 Returns a reference counted pointer object.

Detailed Description

template<typename BaseT>
class Sacado::ConstTemplateIterator< BaseT >

This class implements a standard forward iterator for the TemplateManager.

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