RuntimeMessage.hpp File Reference

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Definition in file RuntimeMessage.hpp.

#include <iosfwd>
#include <vector>
#include <stk_util/parallel/Parallel.hpp>

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namespace  stk


struct  stk::Throttle
 Class Throttle describes the cutoff limits for a message throttle. More...
struct  stk::MessageCode
 Class MessageCode declares a message identifier and throttle characteristics for a message. More...


typedef ptrdiff_t stk::MessageId
 Typedef MessageId defines a message identifier.


enum  stk::MessageType {
  stk::MSG_WARNING = 0,
  stk::MSG_DOOMED = 1,
  stk::MSG_EXCEPTION = 2,
  stk::MSG_SYMMETRIC = 0x80000000,
  stk::MSG_DEFERRED = 0x40000000,
  MSG_UNUSED0 = 0x20000000,
  MSG_UNUSED1 = 0x10000000
 Enumeration MessageType declares the global message types. More...
enum  stk::ThrottleGroup {
 Enumeration ThrottleGroup lists defined throttling groups. More...


unsigned stk::get_message_count (unsigned message_type)
 Member function get_message_count .
void stk::reset_message_count (unsigned message_type)
 Member function reset_message_count .
void stk::set_max_message_count (unsigned message_type, unsigned max_count)
 Member function set_max_message_count .
unsigned stk::get_max_message_count (unsigned message_type)
 Member function get_max_message_count .
const std::string & stk::get_message_name (unsigned message_type)
 Member function get_message_name .
void stk::register_message_type (unsigned message_type, unsigned max_count, const char *name)
 Member function set_message_name .
void stk::reset_throttle_group (int throttle_group)
 Function reset_message_group sets the count to zero of all messages in the specified throttle group.
void stk::report_message (const char *message, unsigned message_type, const MessageCode &message_code)
 Member function report_message .
void stk::add_deferred_message (int message_type, MessageId message_id, size_t throttle_cutoff, int throttle_group, const char *header, const char *aggegrate)
 Function add_deferred_message adds a message to the deferred message queue.
void stk::report_deferred_messages (ParallelMachine comm)
 Function report_deferred_messages aggregates and reports the message on the root processor.
void stk::aggregate_messages (ParallelMachine comm, std::ostringstream &os, const char *separator=", ")
 Function aggregate_messages writes a message message to the output string by joining the messages from each processor, in order.
std::ostream & stk::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const MessageType &message_type)
 Function operator<< writes the message type name to the output stream.

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