stk::mesh::Part Class Reference
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#include <Part.hpp>

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Detailed Description

An application-defined subset of a problem domain.

An application may define parts corresponding to geometric subdomains, modeling subdomains, material subdomains, parallel distributed subdomains, entities of the same type of discretization (e.g., hexahedrons, tetrahedrons, ...), or any other application need for subsetting.

A Part is created, owned, and modified by a meta data manager.

Definition at line 93 of file Part.hpp.

Public Member Functions

MetaDatamesh_meta_data () const
 The meta data manager that owns this part.
unsigned primary_entity_type () const
 The primary entity type for this part.
const std::string & name () const
 Application-defined text name of this part.
unsigned mesh_meta_data_ordinal () const
 Internally generated ordinal of this part that is unique within the owning meta data manager.
const PartVectorsupersets () const
 Parts that are supersets of this part.
const PartVectorsubsets () const
 Parts that are subsets of this part.
const PartVectorintersection_of () const
 Parts for which this part is defined as the intersection.
const std::vector< PartRelation > & relations () const
 PartRelations for which this part is a member, root or target.
bool operator== (const Part &rhs) const
 Equality comparison.
bool operator!= (const Part &rhs) const
 Inequality comparison.
template<class A>
const A * attribute () const
 Query attribute that has been attached to this part.


class ::stk::mesh::MetaData
class ::stk::mesh::UnitTestMetaData
 Allow the unit test driver access.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned stk::mesh::Part::primary_entity_type (  )  const [inline]

The primary entity type for this part.

For example, the primary purpose of an Element part is to define a collection of elements. However, the nodes of those elements are also members of an element part. Return std::numeric_limits<unsigned>::max() if no primary entity type.

Definition at line 108 of file Part.hpp.

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