stk::mesh::Property< void > Class Template Reference
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#include <Property.hpp>

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Detailed Description

class stk::mesh::Property< void >

Property base class with an anonymous data type and anonymous multi-dimension.

Definition at line 73 of file Property.hpp.

Public Member Functions

MetaDatamesh_meta_data () const
 The meta data manager that owns this property.
unsigned mesh_meta_data_ordinal () const
 Internally generated ordinal of this property that is unique within the owning meta data manager.
const std::string & name () const
 Application-defined text name of this property.
template<class DataType>
bool type_is () const
 Query if the scalar type is DataType.
unsigned size () const
 Query number of members, if an array.
template<typename DataType>
Property< DataType > * property ()
 Type-checked cast to property with members of the given type.
template<typename DataType>
const Property< DataType > * property () const
 Type-checked cast to property with members of the given type.

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