stk::mesh::Selector Class Reference
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#include <Selector.hpp>

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Detailed Description

This is a class for selecting buckets based on a set of meshparts and set logic.

The selector allows complements, unions and intersections. All of this logic is converted to NAND, meaning nots and AND logic. Each operation is placed on a stack of operands where each operand is either a left parenthesis with a number of operands included in the compound object, or an actual meshpart. All operands have a unary bit used to complement the operand.

Please see the unit testing for additional documentation.

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Public Member Functions

 ~Selector ()
 Selector ()
 A default Selector selects nothing.
 Selector (const Selector &selector)
 Copy constructor.
Selectoroperator= (const Selector &B)
 Operator equality copy constructor.
 Selector (const Part &part)
 A part that is required.
Selectoroperator &= (const Selector &selector)
 Intersection: this = this INTERSECT ( expression ).
Selectoroperator|= (const Selector &selector)
 Union: this = this UNION ( expression ).
Selectorcomplement ()
 Complement: this = !(this) Postcondition: this is a compound expression.
Selector operator! () const
 Complement: return !(this).
bool operator() (const Bucket &candidate) const
 Is this bucket a subset of the set defined by the selector expression.


class std::vector< OpType >
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const Selector &selector)
 Pretty print the set-expression with part names.

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

Selector operator & (const Part &A, const Part &B)
Selector operator & (const Part &A, const Selector &B)
Selector operator & (const Selector &A, const Part &B)
Selector operator & (const Selector &A, const Selector &B)
Selector operator| (const Part &A, const Part &B)
Selector operator| (const Part &A, const Selector &B)
Selector operator| (const Selector &A, const Part &B)
Selector operator| (const Selector &A, const Selector &B)
Selector operator! (const Part &A)
Selector selectUnion (const PartVector &union_part_vector)
Selector selectIntersection (const PartVector &intersection_part_vector)

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