Teuchos::ScalarTraits< int > Struct Template Reference

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Public Types

typedef int magnitudeType
typedef int halfPrecision
typedef int doublePrecision

Static Public Member Functions

static __device__ __host__
magnitude (int a)
static __device__ __host__ int zero ()
static __device__ __host__ int one ()
static __device__ __host__ int conjugate (int x)
static __device__ __host__ int real (int x)
static __device__ __host__ int imag (int)
static __device__ __host__
isnaninf (int)
static __device__ __host__ int squareroot (int x)
static __device__ __host__ int pow (int x, int y)

Static Public Attributes

static const bool isComplex = false
static const bool isOrdinal = true
static const bool isComparable = true
static const bool hasMachineParameters = false

Detailed Description

struct Teuchos::ScalarTraits< int >

Definition at line 41 of file Teuchos_ScalarTraitsCUDA.hpp.

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