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This is the Operator/Vector Support. More...


 Development of linear Abstract Numerical Algorithms (ANAs) (Client Support)
 While the Thyra operator/vector fundamental interfaces were not principally designed to provide a direct API for the development of ANA software, with some minimal helper functions and classes, directly writing even sophisticated ANA implementations directly in terms of Thyra objects is quite straightforward.
 Development of Concrete Thyra Operator/Vector Subclass Implementations (Adapter Support)
 In order for abstract numerical algorithms (ANAs) developed with Thyra or accessed using Thyra to be useful, concrete implementations of the Thyra operator/vector fundamental interfaces must be provided. However, because of a number of convenient C++ subclasses described here, a developer of such implementation subclasses does not really need to understand much at all about the philosophy or details behind the fundamental Thyra interfaces in order to provide implementations for the most common use cases.

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This is the Operator/Vector Support.

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