amesos_amd.h File Reference

#include <stddef.h>
#include "amesos_UFconfig.h"
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#define EXTERN   extern
#define AMD_CONTROL   5
#define AMD_INFO   20
#define AMD_DENSE   0
#define AMD_AGGRESSIVE   1
#define AMD_DEFAULT_DENSE   10.0
#define AMD_STATUS   0
#define AMD_N   1
#define AMD_NZ   2
#define AMD_SYMMETRY   3
#define AMD_NZDIAG   4
#define AMD_NZ_A_PLUS_AT   5
#define AMD_NDENSE   6
#define AMD_MEMORY   7
#define AMD_NCMPA   8
#define AMD_LNZ   9
#define AMD_NDIV   10
#define AMD_NMULTSUBS_LDL   11
#define AMD_NMULTSUBS_LU   12
#define AMD_DMAX   13
#define AMD_OK   0
#define AMD_OUT_OF_MEMORY   -1
#define AMD_INVALID   -2
#define AMD_OK_BUT_JUMBLED   1
#define AMD_DATE   "May 31, 2007"
#define AMD_VERSION_CODE(main, sub)   ((main) * 1000 + (sub))
#define AMD_MAIN_VERSION   2
#define AMD_SUB_VERSION   2


int amesos_amd_order (int n, const int Ap[], const int Ai[], int P[], double Control[], double Info[])
UF_long amesos_amd_l_order (UF_long n, const UF_long Ap[], const UF_long Ai[], UF_long P[], double Control[], double Info[])
void amesos_amd_2 (int n, int Pe[], int Iw[], int Len[], int iwlen, int pfree, int Nv[], int Next[], int Last[], int Head[], int Elen[], int Degree[], int W[], double Control[], double Info[])
void amesos_amd_l2 (UF_long n, UF_long Pe[], UF_long Iw[], UF_long Len[], UF_long iwlen, UF_long pfree, UF_long Nv[], UF_long Next[], UF_long Last[], UF_long Head[], UF_long Elen[], UF_long Degree[], UF_long W[], double Control[], double Info[])
int amesos_amd_valid (int n_row, int n_col, const int Ap[], const int Ai[])
UF_long amesos_amd_l_valid (UF_long n_row, UF_long n_col, const UF_long Ap[], const UF_long Ai[])
void amesos_amd_defaults (double Control[])
void amesos_amd_l_defaults (double Control[])
void amesos_amd_control (double Control[])
void amesos_amd_l_control (double Control[])
void amesos_amd_info (double Info[])
void amesos_amd_l_info (double Info[])


EXTERN void *(* amesos_amd_malloc )(size_t)
EXTERN void(* amesos_amd_free )(void *)
EXTERN void *(* amesos_amd_realloc )(void *, size_t)
EXTERN void *(* amesos_amd_calloc )(size_t, size_t)
EXTERN int(* amesos_amd_printf )(const char *,...)

Define Documentation

#define EXTERN   extern

Definition at line 315 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_CONTROL   5

Definition at line 340 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_INFO   20

Definition at line 341 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_DENSE   0

Definition at line 344 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_AGGRESSIVE   1

Definition at line 345 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_DEFAULT_DENSE   10.0

Definition at line 348 of file amesos_amd.h.


Definition at line 349 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_STATUS   0

Definition at line 352 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_N   1

Definition at line 353 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_NZ   2

Definition at line 354 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_SYMMETRY   3

Definition at line 355 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_NZDIAG   4

Definition at line 356 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_NZ_A_PLUS_AT   5

Definition at line 357 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_NDENSE   6

Definition at line 358 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_MEMORY   7

Definition at line 359 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_NCMPA   8

Definition at line 360 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_LNZ   9

Definition at line 361 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_NDIV   10

Definition at line 362 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_NMULTSUBS_LDL   11

Definition at line 363 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_NMULTSUBS_LU   12

Definition at line 364 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_DMAX   13

Definition at line 365 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_OK   0

Definition at line 371 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_OUT_OF_MEMORY   -1

Definition at line 372 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_INVALID   -2

Definition at line 373 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_OK_BUT_JUMBLED   1

Definition at line 374 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_DATE   "May 31, 2007"

Definition at line 401 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_VERSION_CODE ( main,
sub   )     ((main) * 1000 + (sub))

Definition at line 402 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_MAIN_VERSION   2

Definition at line 403 of file amesos_amd.h.

#define AMD_SUB_VERSION   2

Definition at line 404 of file amesos_amd.h.


Definition at line 405 of file amesos_amd.h.


Definition at line 406 of file amesos_amd.h.

Function Documentation

int amesos_amd_order ( int  n,
const int  Ap[],
const int  Ai[],
int  P[],
double  Control[],
double  Info[] 
UF_long amesos_amd_l_order ( UF_long  n,
const UF_long  Ap[],
const UF_long  Ai[],
UF_long  P[],
double  Control[],
double  Info[] 
void amesos_amd_2 ( int  n,
int  Pe[],
int  Iw[],
int  Len[],
int  iwlen,
int  pfree,
int  Nv[],
int  Next[],
int  Last[],
int  Head[],
int  Elen[],
int  Degree[],
int  W[],
double  Control[],
double  Info[] 
void amesos_amd_l2 ( UF_long  n,
UF_long  Pe[],
UF_long  Iw[],
UF_long  Len[],
UF_long  iwlen,
UF_long  pfree,
UF_long  Nv[],
UF_long  Next[],
UF_long  Last[],
UF_long  Head[],
UF_long  Elen[],
UF_long  Degree[],
UF_long  W[],
double  Control[],
double  Info[] 
int amesos_amd_valid ( int  n_row,
int  n_col,
const int  Ap[],
const int  Ai[] 
UF_long amesos_amd_l_valid ( UF_long  n_row,
UF_long  n_col,
const UF_long  Ap[],
const UF_long  Ai[] 
void amesos_amd_defaults ( double  Control[]  ) 
void amesos_amd_l_defaults ( double  Control[]  ) 
void amesos_amd_control ( double  Control[]  ) 
void amesos_amd_l_control ( double  Control[]  ) 
void amesos_amd_info ( double  Info[]  ) 
void amesos_amd_l_info ( double  Info[]  ) 

Variable Documentation

EXTERN void*(* amesos_amd_malloc)(size_t)

Definition at line 318 of file amesos_amd.h.

EXTERN void(* amesos_amd_free)(void *)

Definition at line 319 of file amesos_amd.h.

EXTERN void*(* amesos_amd_realloc)(void *, size_t)

Definition at line 320 of file amesos_amd.h.

EXTERN void*(* amesos_amd_calloc)(size_t, size_t)

Definition at line 321 of file amesos_amd.h.

EXTERN int(* amesos_amd_printf)(const char *,...)

Definition at line 322 of file amesos_amd.h.

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