feitester Class Reference

#include <feitester.hpp>

Inherited by FEI_tester, and snl_fei_tester.

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Public Member Functions

virtual const char * getName ()=0

Detailed Description

A test "harness" for fei implementations. This interface is intended to be specialized by more specific test harnesses that exercise various specific fei implementations.

All methods in this interface (except getName()) return int error-codes, and it is expected that an error-return of 0 indicates success while any non-zero error-return is an indication of failure.

The methods on this interface should be called in the following order:

  1. testInitialization()
  2. testLoading()
  3. testSolve()
  4. testCheckResult()

Definition at line 32 of file feitester.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* feitester::getName (  )  [pure virtual]

Method to obtain a name describing this test.

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