_extrows_dh Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

SubdomainGraph_dh sg
Factor_dh F
MPI_Status status [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
MPI_Request req1 [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
MPI_Request req2 [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
MPI_Request req3 [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
MPI_Request req4 [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
MPI_Request cval_req [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
MPI_Request fill_req [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
MPI_Request aval_req [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
int rcv_row_counts [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
int rcv_nz_counts [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
int * rcv_row_lengths [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
int * rcv_row_numbers [MAX_MPI_TASKS]
int * cvalExt
int * fillExt
REAL_DH * avalExt
Hash_dh rowLookup
int * my_row_counts
int * my_row_numbers
int nzSend
int * cvalSend
int * fillSend
REAL_DH * avalSend
bool debug

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file ExternalRows_dh.h.

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