_mpi_interface_dh Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

bool isSetup
double rho_init
double rho_final
int m
int n
double * rhs
void * A
Factor_dh F
SubdomainGraph_dh sg
REAL_DH * scale
bool isScaled
double * work
double * work2
int from
int to
char algo_par [MAX_OPT_LEN]
char algo_ilu [MAX_OPT_LEN]
int level
double droptol
double sparseTolA
double sparseTolF
double pivotMin
double pivotFix
double maxVal
SortedList_dh slist
ExternalRows_dh extRows
char krylovMethod [MAX_OPT_LEN]
int maxIts
double rtol
double atol
int its
int itsTotal
int setupCount
int logging
double timing [TIMING_BINS]
double stats [STATS_BINS]
bool timingsWereReduced
bool printStats

Detailed Description

Definition at line 123 of file Euclid_dh.h.

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