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Kokkos::ArrayOfViewsHelper< Node >
Kokkos::CrsGraph< Ordinal, Node >Kokkos::CrsGraph: Kokkos compressed index sparse class
Kokkos::CrsMatrix< Scalar, Node >Kokkos::CrsMatrix: Kokkos compressed index sparse matrix class
Kokkos::CUDANodeCopyBackDeallocator< T >Allocator/deallocator with host/device copy-back capability
Kokkos::DefaultArithmetic< MV >Class DefaultArithmetic, unimplemented
Kokkos::DefaultArithmetic< MultiVector< Scalar, Node > >Partial specialization of class DefaultArithmetic, for Kokkos::MultiVector<Scalar,Node>
Kokkos::DefaultBlockSparseMultiply< Scalar, Ordinal, Node >DefaultBlockSparseMultiply
Kokkos::DefaultRelaxation< Scalar, Ordinal, Node >Various relaxation methods
Kokkos::MultiVector< Scalar, Node >Kokkos::MultiVector: Kokkos default implementation of the abstract Kokkos::MultiVector
Kokkos::NodeGEMM< Scalar, Node >Class for providing GEMM for a particular Node
Kokkos::PackedSparseMultiply< OrdinalType, ScalarType >Kokkos::PackedSparseMultiply: A reference class for computing sparse matrix multiplication operations
Kokkos::ReadyBufferHelper< Node >
Kokkos::VbrMatrix< Scalar, Ordinal, Node >Kokkos::VbrMatrix: Kokkos variable block row matrix class
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