Trilinos/Kokkos: Core Kernels Package

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Kokkos provides two main capabilities for Trilinos. The first is an abstract programming interface (API) for handling memory and specify work for shared-memory parallel nodes (the Kokkos Node API). The second is a collection of local (non-distributed) distributed linear algebra classes and the kernels needed to realized their functionality in parallel (the Kokkos Linear Algebra kernels library).

Kokkos is typically not used in applications, but instead as a significant component in higher-level Trilinos packages, such as Tpetra. The functionality contained here-in has been put in the Kokkos package in order to facilitate code re-use and ease experimentation for kernel researchers.

Overview of Kokkos.

Kokkos Classes

Kokkos contains a number of classes. They can be categorized as follows:


Kokkos can be used as a stand-alone package. However, it also provides functionality for Tpetra and Tifpack.

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