MLAPI_Gallery.h File Reference

MLAPI interface to the Galeri package. More...

#include "ml_common.h"
#include "ml_include.h"
#include <iostream>
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namespace  Teuchos
namespace  MLAPI

MLAPI: Default namespace for all MLAPI objects and functions.


Operator MLAPI::Gallery (const string ProblemType, const Space &MySpace)
 Creates a matrix using the TRIUTILS gallery.
Operator MLAPI::GetShiftedLaplacian1D (const int NX, const double Factor=0.99)
 Creates a 1D shifted Laplacian.
Operator MLAPI::GetShiftedLaplacian2D (const int NX, const int NY, const double Factor=0.99, const bool RandomScale=false)
 Creates a 2D shifted Laplacian.
Operator MLAPI::ReadMatrix (const char *FileName)
 Reads a matrix in MATLAB format.
Operator MLAPI::GetRecirc2D (const int NX, const int NY, const double conv, const double diff)
 Creates a recirculation problem in 2D.
Teuchos::ParameterList MLAPI::ReadParameterList (const char *FileName)
 Populates a list from specified file.

Detailed Description

MLAPI interface to the Galeri package.

Marzio Sala, D-INFK/ETHZ.
Last updated on Mar-06.
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