RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary.h File Reference

#include "RTOp.h"
#include "RTOp_obj_value_vtbl.h"
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struct RTOp_RTOp_vtbl_t RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary_vtbl
int RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary_construct (RTOp_value_type tau, struct RTOp_RTOp *op)
int RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary_destroy (struct RTOp_RTOp *op)
int RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary_init (RTOp_value_type tau, struct RTOp_RTOp *op)
RTOp_value_type RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary_val (RTOp_ReductTarget reduct_obj)

Detailed Description

element-wise reduction:
    if (v1 < 0)
       { alpha_max_ith = tau*(v0-v2)/(-v1); }
       { alpha_max_ith = tau*(v3-v0)/v1; }


This operator class implementation was created automatically by 'new_rtop.pl'.

This operator returns alpha_max as calculated by the fraction to boundary rule

Definition in file RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary.h.

Function Documentation

int RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary_construct ( RTOp_value_type  tau,
struct RTOp_RTOp op 

Definition at line 161 of file RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary.c.

int RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary_destroy ( struct RTOp_RTOp op  ) 

Definition at line 172 of file RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary.c.

int RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary_init ( RTOp_value_type  tau,
struct RTOp_RTOp op 

Definition at line 180 of file RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary.c.

RTOp_value_type RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary_val ( RTOp_ReductTarget  reduct_obj  ) 

Definition at line 186 of file RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary.c.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 148 of file RTOp_ROp_fraction_to_boundary.c.

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