MoochoPack::IpState Class Reference

#include <MoochoPack_IpState.hpp>

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 IpState (const decomp_sys_ptr_t &decomp_sys=Teuchos::null, const vec_space_ptr_t &space_x=Teuchos::null, const vec_space_ptr_t &space_c=Teuchos::null, const vec_space_ptr_t &space_range=Teuchos::null, const vec_space_ptr_t &space_null=Teuchos::null)
 ********** Iteration Quantities **************
virtual ~IpState ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file MoochoPack_IpState.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MoochoPack::IpState::IpState ( const decomp_sys_ptr_t &  decomp_sys = Teuchos::null,
const vec_space_ptr_t space_x = Teuchos::null,
const vec_space_ptr_t space_c = Teuchos::null,
const vec_space_ptr_t space_range = Teuchos::null,
const vec_space_ptr_t space_null = Teuchos::null 

********** Iteration Quantities **************

mu: barrier parameter barrier_obj: objective value with grad_barrier_obj: gradient of the objective e_tol: current error tolerance for inner loop comp_err_mu: perturbed complementarity error for barrier sub problem Vu - diagonal matrix of upper bound multipliers Vl - diagonal matrix of lower bound multipliers invXu - (Xu)^-1 - matrix of 1/(xu-x) diagonal invXl - (Xl)^-1 - matrix of 1/(x-xl) diagonal rHB - reduced Hessian of the barrier term (Z_Sigma_Z) B - overall reduced 'Hessian' (Z_W_Z+Z_Sigma_Z) Full space Sigma (invXl*Vl-invXu*Vu) w_sigma: crossterm correction for sigma (Z' * Sigma * Y * py) dvl: Search direction for lower bound multipliers ( n x 1 ) dvu: Search direction for upper bound multipliers ( n x 1 ) alpha_vl: step size for vl alpha_vl: step size for vu Construct

Definition at line 53 of file MoochoPack_IpState.cpp.

MoochoPack::IpState::~IpState (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 65 of file MoochoPack_IpState.cpp.

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